A-Z Herb Reference Guide

We hope this will be a valuable educational tool during your studies or as a brief review/overview of a particular herb. More herbs will be added in the future, as well as graphic images and energetic principles of various herbs.

The information contained within the herb guide is meant to serve as a study guide and reference material. It is culled from the bibliography shown on the bottom of each page. Please consult these books for more information.

The information presented within is not intended for diagnostic purposes. Always consult with a physician or pharmacist who is knowledgable about herbs for information pertaining to herb and drug interactions.

If you would like us to add an herb that is not featured, please send a note to the editor.

Use the alphabetical chart below to navigate your way through the herbs. Interested in cayenne? Click on the letter C. This chart will frame each page of the herb guide, top and bottom, so you may move easily between the pages.

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