Tommie Bass' Original Salve

Tommie Bass' Original Salve
For 81 years, Tommie Bass cooked his old fashioned salve on a pot-bellied stove in the shadow of Lookout Mountain in the Appalachian Mountains. This salve has been passed down in the Bass family for over 150 years and has been used for treating everything from skin cancer to psoriasis. Now the best of the ''mountain medicines'' have been packaged as part of Clayton Natural's Appalachian Herbal Products. For external use only. Ingredients: White oak bark, Goldenseal, Chickweed, Red puccoon, Plantain, Yellow dock, Yellow root, Jamestown weed, Pokeroot, Caoutchouc, Mullein, Crowcorn, Boric acid, Camphor, Powdered alum, Tincture of iodine, Spirits of turpentine and Coconut oil in a base of Beeswax and Natural oils. Price includes shipping.

Tommie Bass Original Salve - 3oz.


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