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Dear Herbalist:
I met Darryl Patton last August at Indian camp in Dickson, Tennessee. I'm looking forward to him again this coming August. My question is this. I just turned 45. I do not know if this is a factor, but I have turned into a factory for moles and red moles. I always had a few, but now I am suddenly covered! What can I do? Is this an internal problem or a skin problem?
M. Meyer

Dear M,
Unfortunately, you are at a time in life when moles do seem to pop up more often, especially women. There are many factors as well as treatments to get rid of these pesky pieces of unwanted skin. If you want to try a topical approach, you can use Black Walnut tincture, Garlic oil or Neem Tree oil. Many people have found these three topicals to be very effective at getting rid of moles.

Some "home remedies" which work well are the use of the plants people call "milkeeds". These include Dandelion, Wild Lettuce and Fig among many others. With these plants, you apply the sap topically at least three times a day. You will be amazed at how effective topical application of any of these latex bearing plants will be. The plant I prefer the most is Fig as it produces copious amounts of latex and will rapidly rid yourself of warts.

Another option and one I recommend you do in conjunction with these is to add the seaweed Kelp or Bladderwrack to your diet. The use of these two sea vegetables adds naturally occurring iodine to your diet and this in turn helps with moles. Lastly, the use of Bass Original Salve has been historically used to get rid of moles. It takes a while and you have to be patient.

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