Health/Hypnosis Consultations

Herbal and health consultations are available either by phone or an in-house basis in Gadsden, Alabama. Your initial consultation will consist of a detailed medical history and questions concerning the specific conditions for which you are seeking an alternative choice whether by herbs, diet or lifestyle change.

During this consultation, you will be asked questions regarding your health, any herbs or medications you are currently taking and other factors which might be influencing your health in a negative manner. All information obtained is kept in the strictest confidence and is shared with no other person or organization. Your privacy is considered total and will only be discussed between you and your consultant.

With the information obtained during your first consultation, we will work together to develop an individualized plan designed to restore you to a state of optimal health. We will discuss your health needs and any herbal products suggested will be thoroughly explained as to their traditional uses, their potential side effects and interactions with medications and other factors which might affect your transition to a healthier life.

Herbal consultations are not meant to replace the services of a competent physician. It is not your consultants goal to diagnose or become your "doctor". Do not stop taking any medication your physician has prescribed without discussing this with him prior to doing so. Herbal consultations are simply meant to assist in guiding you towards herbal therapies and other alternative health options which will educate you and bring you to a higher state of health and well being.

Schedule a Consultation: To schedule a consultation, send an e-mail, or call the phone number below. Before your consultation, you will need to complete the health questionnaire. This is a PDF, which you may download upon request. You may also schedule a consultation by writing to the address below. Please be aware that your initial consultation will last approximately one hour and you will fill out detailed forms relating to your health history. All future visits will last between 30 minutes to one hour depending on your needs at the time.

When you arrive for your consultation, please bring a list of any medications, herbs or other supplements which you are currently taking. Consulting rates are $45 for your initial consultation and $25 for each future visit of one half hour. If you are experiencing a financial hardship affecting you ability to pay for these fees, please let us know ahead of time in order that we can find a way to help you. Hypnotherapy sessions are a standard $75 per session.

Darryl Patton, M.A., M.H.,
Master Herbalist/ Clinical Hypnotherapist

[email protected]
P.O. Box 8481
Gadsden, Al 35902

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